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abbreviation for Tamm-Horsfall protein.


A gene on chromosome 2q14 that encodes a protein belonging to the C2H2-type zinc finger protein subclass of the Gli family of transcription activators, which mediate Sonic hedgehog (Shh) signalling. GLI2 localises to the cytoplasm and activates patched Drosophila homolog (PTCH) gene expression, and may play a role in embryogenesis.

Molecular pathology
GLI2 mutations have been linked to Greig cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome, Pallister-Hall syndrome, pre-axial polydactyly type IV and postaxial polydactyly types A1 and B.
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Apart from an SA identity document, further required documentation listed in the pro forma document includes 'proof of qualification as THP (if any)' and 'highest standard passed (attach certified copy, if any)'.
THP algorithm is efficiently implemented using LQ decomposition.
To employ the second, THP method, 500 [micro]l of plasma was incubated with 5 [micro]l triton x-100 (Sigma-Aldrich-UK) at 98[degrees]C for 5 min and was made cold for 5 min, then equal volume of Phenol-Chloroform-Isoamylalcohol (25:24:1, V: V: V) (Sigma-Aldrich-UK) was added and centrifuged for 10 min at 14000 g.
The Burney Gardens project was the first THP to take advantage of a 2012 change in the Forest Practice Rules called the Aspen, Meadow, and Wet Area Restoration rule modification (Aspen and Meadow Rule).
Two of 6 patients who had chronic disease and could not reach THP were being followed up because of cerebral movement dis order and 4 were being followed up because of hydrocephaly.
Environmental temperature and animal size effects on THP and MP values can be found in published standards (ASABE 1986; ASHRAE 2005).
The Department of Safety & Homeland Security said it recently launched the THP Pupil Transportation Certification application, replacing an obsolete paper-based manual process with an efficient and time saving mobile and web-based solution.
6 THP tested, retail at N$299,000, 15% Vat included.
6-litre THP 156 manual option, topping out at pounds 25,395 for the flagship 1.
6 THP (Turbo High Pressure) engine fitted to the 207 GT, soon-to-be-released GTI and the Mini Cooper has been awarded engine of the year in the 1.
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Encouraged by these results, THP complexes of cheaper metals such as copper (Cu) were studied.