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A gene on chromosome 19q13.1 that encodes a member of the transforming growth factor beta (TGFB) family of cytokines. These multifunctional peptides up- and downregulate proliferation, differentiation, adhesion, migration, death and other functions in many cell types. Active TGFB1 is either homodimeric or heterodimeric with other TGFB family members.

Molecular pathology
TGFB1 mutations cause Camurati-Engelmann disease; TGFB1 is often upregulated in tumour cells.
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3) Growth factors such as EGF and TGFB are large configurations which do not penetrate the skin and lose their activity within days at normal temperature.
Mutant P53 may activate a network of specific transcription factors and other target genes such as E2F1, GOF, TGFB RAS, C-Myc, NF-kB, 1D4, and E-cadherin that all contribute to accelerate tumor progression, angiogenesis, mobility, extraversion, and invasion.
This is comparable to TGFB in increasing collagen I synthesis as measured in ex-vivo studies of a product containing 3 ppm of pal-KTTKS vs.