transforming growth factor beta

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trans·form·ing growth fac·tor β (TGFβ),

a regulatory cytokine that has multifunctional properties that can enhance or inhibit many cellular functions, including interfering with the production of other cytokines and enhancing collagen deposition. It exists in multiple subtypes and is produced by platelets and macrophages but can be made by many other cell types.
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however, the distribution of CD25+ FOXP3+ Treg and TGF beta in RR has no significant difference compared with ENL.
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Once activated, TGF beta protein stimulates cells called myofibroblasts to produce excess collagen, which is a principle component of scars.
It turns out that losartan, and likely other angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs), effectively reduce TGF beta signaling and in the mouse model can prevent--and even reverse--aortic root dilation.
TGF beta 1 and TGF beta 2 are potential growth regulators for low-grade and malignant gliomas in vitro: evidence in support of an autocrine hypothesis.
The researchers had suspected that destabilized microtubules trigger a process that activates the protein TGF beta, a growth factor that stimulates cells to produce excess collagen.
The peptide angiotensin not only raises blood pressure but also activates the immunological messenger substance TGF beta on a previously unknown communication pathway in the brain, found study conducted by Stanford Professor Lawrence Steinman along with Heidelberg's Dr.