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n tensor fascia lata; a muscle that originates from the anterior superior iliac spine and anterior portion of the iliac crest. Its primary functions include flexing and abducting the thigh.
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Also announced in January was Arauco's planned purchase of Suddekor's paper treating business in Biscoe, NC, giving the company the ability to impregnate decorative paper with melamine based resin for the production of its TFL panels.
The investment in treating decorative papers provides us with the opportunity to better manage an important part of our supply chain," said President Kelly Shotbolt, "and it's part of a vertical integration strategy that will further develop our TFL program by enhancing our ability to deliver new and innovative products to our customers.
Following the purchase TFL will remain with almost no debt, the buyer said, adding that it would support the company in its efforts to expand its customer and product base.
In addition, TFL is in negotiations to secure a 15-acre site in Sierra Leone's New Airport Development Zone in Freetown in order to build a new collateral management facility to act as its main hub servicing both Freetown and the international markets for all commodities with which TFL is involved.
Jonathan Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Capita plc, said: Our extensive networking solutions expertise and track record of undertaking large-scale critical network implementations for clients means we are well equipped to support the consolidation of TfLs data network.
This project exemplifies our strong partnership with TfL to innovate and deliver solutions that benefit the ultimate end user TfLs customers, said Roger Crow, executive vice president and managing director of Europe, Cubic Transportation Systems.