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TERC and TERT gene mutations in patients with bone marrow failure and significance of telomere length measurements.
Utilizando las predicciones del modelo de la deformacion co-sismica tambien se puede explicar la ausencia de deformacion co-sismica en las estaciones de CuaTeNeo, y en particular en la estacion TERC (Figuras 3 y 5)
TERC regulates the length of telomeres, caps on the ends of chromosomes that play a major role in cellular ageing.
In her work with the TERC Investigations program implementation center, Murray has noticed that thoughtful district-wide decisions with parent input from the get go put the district in an entirely different place of parent support and trust.
Published by Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education at TERC, Christopher Gordon Publishers, Inc.
Army Corps of Engineers, Alaska District (USAED), under TERC, or the Total Environmental Restoration Contract.
This Cambridge teacher also recommends TERC, a 35-year-old nonprofit research organization (www.
The other finalists were TERC and the Utah State Office of Education's Instructional Materials Program.
12) describe the development of a quantitative reverse transcription (RT)-PCR assay for TERC expression.
I learned much about telecommunications by working with TERC of Cambridge, Massachusetts, the developer of Alice Network Software, which we used for data submission.
The meeting was informed that Town Emergency Response Committees (TERC) have been reactivated and regular meetings of TERC are being held on weekly basis.
DCO Lahore informed that Town Emergency Response Committees (TERC) have been activated and meetings of TERC are being held regularly.