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Abbreviation for testis-determining factor.

testes determining factor (TDF)

a gene on the Y chromosome that is believed to determine male sexual development. Individuals with the normal female sex chromosome combination (XX) may develop as males if the TDF gene has migrated to one of the X chromosomes. Also, individuals with the normal male sex chromosome pair (XY) may develop as females if the TDF gene is missing from the Y chromosome.

thermal diffusion flowmetry



Continuous measurement of regional cerebral blood flow, e.g., in areas of the brain as they are operated upon. It is used to monitor and thus prevent focal brain injury.
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The BSP introduced a middle tenor or a second shorter-dated TDF to further refined its market-based approach to monetary operations.
During TDF monotherapy, the rate of ALT normalization gradually increased from 12% at day 0 to 91% at the 48[sup]th week.
Example: Lynn Martin, age 40, begins a new job at a company with a 401(k) plan that includes a TDF series.
Pan and his colleagues said, adding that "the postpartum cessation of TDF requires close monitoring" in order to further understand the drug's longer-term effects.
That behavior can be explained by the demographics of TDF investors, and plan sponsors may need to redesign their investment menu to overcome these behavioral flaws, Financial Engines suggested.
Neither of these two men had TDF or FTC levels detectable in blood.
TDF is widely used as a preferential drug for ART according to worldwide guidelines, and it is also part of the only approved regimen for pre-exposure prophylaxis to HIV infection.
The series of TDFs offered under a defined contribution plan serves as a single integrated investment program under which the same investment manager manages each TDF and applies the same generally accepted investment theories across the series, including that the mix of assets currently available for older participants becomes available to each younger participant as the asset mix of each TDF for younger participants changes to reflect those participants' increasing age.
6 November 2014 - Acting in partnership with unnamed co-investors, Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (NYSE:BIP) will acquire 50% of French communication towers operator TDF in a deal valued at some EUR1.
French music fans can now watch music videos in Ultra HD with four times the resolution of current HD TV thanks to Envivio (NASDAQ: ENVI) 4K Ultra HD compression technology being used by French broadcaster TDF.
The Bangkok Tenofovir Study enrolled HIV-uninfected persons who reported injecting illicit drugs in the prior year into a phase-III randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to determine the safety and efficacy of daily oral TDF to reduce the risk for HIV acquisition.