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Qiu GX from Peking Union Hospital made a breakthrough in the research of molecular genetics of scoliosis.[3] He found that TBX6 gene was closely related to scoliosis, and the result was published in The New England Journal of Medicine.[3] The core idea of 'a closed loop regional trauma treatment system focusing on synthetical hospitals' proposed by Prof.
TBX6 null variants and a common hypomorphic allele in congenital scoliosis.
In a new study, a research team, including experts from the University of Tsukuba, screened over 50 transcription factors and found that Tbx6 alone was able to stimulate mesoderm formation in laboratory-grown stem cells, and could cause those stem cells to become cardiovascular or musculoskeletal cells.
Tbx6 was already known to be active in formation of musculoskeletal tissue--Tbx6 mutant mice produce ectopic neural tubes at the expense of musculoskeletal tissue--but its expression and function in early/nascent mesoderm and mesodermal derivatives, including cardiovascular lineages, have been largely unknown.
CHIR99021 significantly enhances the expression of mesoderm genes such as T, TBX6, and MSGN1 in human PSCs [54, 55, 65], indicating that this selective GSK3[beta] inhibitor can promote mesoderm differentiation.
First, the respective genetic screen identified mutations in seven genes that could be closely linked to the development of human external genitalia: BMP4, CFAP53, DNAH5, IFT172, KMT2C, SOX6, and TBX6 (Table 1).
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As for congenital scoliosis, TBX6 deletion associated with high-risk alleles was reported in 2015, which was exerted a huge impact at home and abroad.[16]