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trademark for preparations of chlorotrianisene, a synthetic estrogen used for palliative treatment of prostate cancer and for replacement therapy.


An ADAMs family protein encoded by ADAM17 on chromosome 2p25, which acts as a tumour necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme (TACE). It binds mitotic arrest-deficient 2 protein, and plays a key role in activating Notch signalling, resulting in the proteolytic release of cell-surface proteins, including p75 TNF-receptor, IL-1 receptor type II, p55 TNF-receptor, TGF-alpha, L-selectin, growth hormone receptor, MUC1 and amyloid precursor protein (APP).

transcatheter arterial chemoembolization



A technique for destroying tumors in which a tube is guided into the arterial blood supply of the tumor and drugs, fragments of muscle, or synthetic spheres are introduced to obstruct the artery. It is used to treat liver cancers that cannot be removed surgically.
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The aim of the Shanghai Score is to construct a practical prognosis system to identify patients who may benefit from curative hepatectomy within the diverse population of Chinese HCC patients and provide an evaluation for possible adjuvant therapy, including local TACE or systemic IFN treatment.
Results of recent studies suggest that TACE and microwave ablation can supplement each other synergistically when treating HCC (7).
Predictive factor of local recurrence after balloon-occluded TACE with miriplatin (MPT) in hepatocellular carcinoma," PLoS ONE, vol.
Following TACE, the grades of toxicity (G-score) were assessed for biochemical parameters.
Using drugs that inactivate IRHOM2 in humans, clinicians will be able to block the function of TACE only in immune cells.
For those treated with TACE alone, the median survival time was 12.
Studies have revealed that TACE combined with RFA may achieve better efficacy as compared with TACE alone or RFA alone,[7],[8],[9] but the timing and methodology of combined therapy are still controversial.
sup][5],[6],[7],[8] Several animal[sup][9],[10] and clinical[sup][11],[12],[13],[14] studies have also demonstrated the short-term efficacy and safety of endovascular placement of a single [sup]125I seed strand and a stent combined with TACE for HCC with PVTT.
8 ng/ml active IDE and has minimal cross reaction with Neprilysin, TACE, b-Secretase, ADAM10 and BACE2.
The possible explanation could be an aberrant connection between the hepatic and pulmonary vessels which might have developed due to the involvement of the diaphragm, pleura and pulmonary vessels after the first session of TACE.