T-tube cholangiogram

T-tube cho·lan·gi·o·gram

(tūb kō-lan'jē-ō-gram)
A postoperative radiologic examination of the bile ducts that involves administration of a contrast agent through a T-tube.
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During followup period, T-tube cholangiogram revealed CBD stricture with two limbs of T-tube across the stricture.
T-tube cholangiogram was done in patient of end-to-end anastomosis repair over T-tube on 14th postoperative day.
Furthermore, the fact that no leak from the biliary system during ERCP and T-tube cholangiogram was observed made this scenario even more complicated.
For open surgery with T-tube closure; discharge was done after the 10th day T-tube cholangiogram was negative for stones and dye in the duodenum was present.
Post-operative T-tube cholangiogram [Fig-9, 10] to visualize CBD for residual stones if any.