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A passes to T-1, who square-passes to T-2 - who looks for A running the overlap.
At one point, the monstrous T-1,000,000 is frozen, just as happened to the T-1000 in ``T2,'' and shatters.
net's dependence on third-party providers to supply it with local DSL and T-1 facilities in areas where it has not deployed its own equipment.
Utilizing T-1 allows for the convergence of multiple services such as voice, video and data," said Bral.
Cable & Wireless NxT-1 Internet access gives customers the flexibility to bundle T-1 circuits together to gain greater throughput as their bandwidth requirements grow.
PSINet's Multi-Megabit Service bonds up to seven T-1 circuits in increments between 3Mbps and 10.
Compared with highly touted DSL access, T-1 access provides impeccable scalability and reliability, a flexible conductivity and stronger backbone with a higher bandwidth.
SkyCom T-1 MultiMux Series offering inter-building and last mile transport of 4 x T-1 for multiservice ATM inverse multiplexers, PABX, data and video at distances up to 2.
SkyCom T-1 Multi-Mux provides transmission connectivity for the industry's new generation of ATM inverse multiplexers, or traditional data, PABX trunks, and video.
NASDAQ SmallCap Market:RMII, RMIIW) announced today that it will offer high-speed T-1 Internet access to Colorado customers at a substantial discount.
OTC BB:IJNT) announced today that it is now offering a full range of Internet solutions including such diversity as dial-up services through network administration, two-way and downstream wireless T-1 solutions.
Dialogic voice boards range from the industry leading two- and four-port products for small CT systems, through the high density industry workhorse Springware-based single span and DualSpan(tm) Series all the way to the new industry benchmark DM3-based QuadSpan(tm) series, providing up to 120 channels (four T-1 or E-1 spans) of combined Digital Signaling Processing (DSP) and network interface on a single card, in a single slot.