T group

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T group

abbreviation for training group.
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Q. How can I go about finding a free depression support group where I live? would like to find a depression support group in my area. How do I go about finding one? Google searches are turning up nothing.

A. Call the help desk or receptionist of your local or nearest hospital or medical clinic.

You could go to an AA meeting in your local community. A lot of people there are depressed. That's what those meetings do for people, they are a support group.

You could also start one and put a community notice in your local paper.

Get together with others you trust and talk.

Call home and talk.

Find a friend and talk.

I pray. God listens.

Q. where would i find support groups for Ex alcoholic people?

A. web site for alcoholic anonymous/narcotics anonymouse/--in the rooms.com--join a group.

Q. Hi Everybody. I wanted to welcome Lixurion999 to our group. He is a new members on imedix, but from chatting with him and reading his answers in the last two days I think he's a great ocntribution to the community. Please take a minute and welcome him and introduce him to the group. You know how it is when you're the new kid on the block right? Have a great day and check the site soon as I have a suprise for all of you that I think you'll like (Jenn - you know what I mean...)

A. Thank you Jenn for what you said. I can't wait for the new discussion board to go live.

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