T fracture

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T fracture

A fracture in which bone splits both longitudinally and transversely.
See also: fracture
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Q. what exactly is a tooth fracture?A broken tooth? there is a tremendous amount of pain with this tooth.

A. I had a temp that stayed on for a month because I couldn't mek it back to the dentist for a awhile. I used to have a Obsession with Jaw Breaker candy but with 2 crowns learned my lesson.

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Q. Has anyone fractured their pelvic bone?...and if so how long did it take until you could walk on side injured

A. my cousin fractured his pelvic bone in two places while skiing last winter (my brother pictured the helicopter coming for the rescue, a very good picture..). it took him a month until he could start walking with a cane, and about 2 months later he could walk properly.
if you want i'll send you the picture, you can say it's you :)

Q. I had sugery on a fractured heel what is the recovery process? Wanting to meet people who are going thru this now or have already recovered from this injury. What should I expect?

A. Hey doyen_98, I was wondering how the recovery was coming along. How long ago have you had the surgery?

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