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n a medicinal preparation in which herbal infusions or decoctions are mixed with glycerin, honey, or sugar.

Patient discussion about syrups

Q. Addiction to a cough syrup?? Is it true you can get addicted to cough syrup? And is so- why is that? Is it dangerous? Should I not take cough syrup?

A. here is a story about an air force pilot who had an addiction to cough suppressant who ended bad and about the phenomenon in general:

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Pleasant taste and easy intake of oral syrups are the key factors boosting segmental growth during the forecast period
Two popular homegrown sweeteners are tree syrups and sorghum molasses.
Because if you're limiting maple syrup to the breakfast table, you're missing out on all sorts of excuses to add its gentle, yet distinct flavor to all manner of foods, from roasted vegetables and chicken wings to pasta sauce and ice cream sundaes.
Suppressing coughs and coating the throat with clinically proven effective dark honey, Zarbee's Children's Nighttime Cough Syrups contain .
Monin Gourmet Flavorings, one of the world's leading providers of premium syrups and flavoring products, has expanded its selection of premium syrups to include banana nut bread, cinnamon bun and cupcake.
the breakfast bagel sandwich with maple-glazed prosciutto, Vermont Cheddar and hot sauce at OhNo Cafe in Portland, Maine; and The Foster, made with bananas sauteed in handcrafted maple-vanilla syrup at Syrup in Denver, where infused syrups are a signature, according to NRN.
Tree syrups are produced from sap drawn from a tree using a tap; the sap is then boiled down to create a more viscous syrup.
It is also being used by mixologists to replace gomme/sugar syrups to make healthier, lower calorie drinks and cocktails.
THE SEIZURE of spurious cough syrups worth crores in a raid in Moradabad on Friday has blown the lid off a racket that, the police suspect, thrived with help from doctors and police officials.
Indeed, holiday flavors have exploded in the past few years, with many coffee shops offering at least a few of these syrups year round due to the demand from customers who get hooked onto festive-flavored lattes and other concoctions during holiday seasons.
Producers send samples of strange-tasting syrups to Perkins and his team for chemical analysis.
Liquids and syrups are the best way for children with problems swallowing pills to take their medications.