syrup of ipecac

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The dried root of Uragoga (Cephaelis) ipecacuanha (family Rubiaceae), a shrub found in Brazil and other parts of South America; contains emetine, cephaeline, emetamine, ipecacuanhic acid, psychotrine, and methylpsychotrine; has expectorant, emetic, and antidysenteric properties.
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Eventually syrup of ipecac will no longer be available for purchase over the counter because it often only makes the situation worse.
Currently, syrup of ipecac is available without a prescription.
Medicines: Iodine, bleach, eye wash, Benadryl, aspirin, Tylenol, syrup of ipecac, activated charcoal, baking soda, cough syrup, Pepto-Bismol, petroleum jelly.
61 Keep a 1oz bottle of syrup of ipecac handy in case of accidental poisoning.
Over the years, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Association of Poison Control Centers have worked diligently to accomplish the goal of placing syrup of ipecac in homes with children, especially those less than 6 years of age (Lovejoy et al., 1994).
Some poisons can be treated with syrup of ipecac, but other poisons cannot.
But syrup of ipecac not only promotes bulimia, it also kills.
* Syrup of ipecac or three percent hydrogen peroxide to be given orally to induce vomiting (but never induce vomiting without first consulting your veterinarian or poison control center)
Have the proper antidotes on hand: an up-to-date bottle of syrup of ipecac, a 30 to 50 gram bottle of activated charcoal and epsom salts are recommended for each child older than 1 year.
* syrup of ipecac and activated charcoal (Use only under the advice of a doctor or poison control center)
* Syrup of Ipecac. "If I put ipecac in your soda, 88% of you will vomit within the next 10-20 minutes, Dr.