Artificial Turf

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An artificial surface made to look like grass, which is used on many football fields, often linked to abrasions
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TigerTurf's synthetic grass playground surface systems have been rigorously tested by independent third party laboratories to ensure they meet the requirements necessary under the American Society For Testing Materials F1292 (TM) certification.
Contract Awarded for BE-nyan District of Synthetic Grass Field of Converting the Existing Ground Football Fields, Two Locker Rooms Plant Building During the Present Portable Stand, Carpet Court and Environmental Protection Wire Making Formal Maintenance and Repair Work.
I have already practised on synthetic grass at home in preparation for Wimbledon, like I do every year, and I played maybe three days over here on grass so it wasn't that bad.
The new surface combines synthetic grass with the real thing.
The shipment was supposed to contain synthetic grass.
Branded Franchise: national distributor of Synthetic Grass.
Most of it is sand not grass and its a mixture of synthetic grass with natural grass but there is more synthetic than natural.
Previously only used by those in the sports industry, SignGrass enables customers to have their logos, branding or marketing slogans woven into low-maintenance, synthetic grass.
LiteEarth is a synthetic grass and EPDM geomembrane liner designed to close landfills, coal ash sites and other land reclamation projects.
But if we replace it with synthetic grass we don't have to look after it area after area, year after year.
Since the court has synthetic grass, Elin said, dog owners could let their pets out even if it's raining most of the day, unlike the normal grass that would turn to mud.
The former St Mirren, Hibs and Hearts star now runs synthetic grass firm SGS and believes plastic is fantastic.