Synthetic Life

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The creation of autonomously dividing organisms—bacteria from DNA created in the laboratory
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When asked about the possibility of someone creating synthetic life, Rejeski explained, there was a clear trend among the people he met: "'I'm worried about this.' Over half.
The undeniable creativity of Craig Ventner and his associates who claim to have "created" a synthetic life form?
For the first time in biological history humankind has design and created synthetic life. Some see this as a major system-event in evolutionary development and others building on this understanding describe both the benefits in preventive medicine, ecological management, and promotion of green economy.
He describes his recent sailing expedition to sequence microbial life in the ocean, as well as his groundbreaking attempt to create synthetic life.
Craig Venter's creation of the first synthetic life form gives hope to women.
Synthetic life could, for instance, pave the way to terrifying biological weapons.
Synthetic life could pave the way to biological weapons.
Whether such a cell would constitute a synthetic life form--as some have claimed--is up for debate, however.
Synthetic Life Sett ements; An Opportunity for nvestors
With the explosion of polymer pistols and a general movement to a more synthetic life, I've still found many old-school sixgunner/revolver guys--like me--keep getting our hearts tugged back toward wood and steel.
Synthetic life settlements, in which investors can trade mortality risk without actually purchasing products, offer similar benefits for investors with fewer transactional burdens.
Dr Venter, visiting the UK to promote his autobiography, is working on a project to create the world's first synthetic life form from DNA building blocks.