synovial membranes

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synovial membranes (si·nōˑ·vē·l memˑ·brānz), membranes that cover freely moving joints and secrete synovial fluid.
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The severity of cartilage injury was evaluated in association with the arthroscopic pattern of the synovial membrane.
The synovial membrane in osteoarthritis: a histological study including the characterisation of the cellular infiltrate present in inflammatory osteoarthritis using monoclonal antibodies.
Total protein was isolated from synovial membrane tissue samples.
To expose the degree of relation that Nox2 and prolidase have over NALP3 protein content in the synovial membrane a linear regression analysis was performed.
a) Macroscopic findings during total knee replacement reveal that the femoral and tibial articular cartilage exhibit brown, grey, and black pigmentation and that the synovial membranes also exhibited reddish-brown discolouration.
neutrophil elastase, interleukin-1 alpha and beta, tumour necrosis factor alpha, calpain, and hydroxyl radicals) by inflamed synovial membrane cells, although the precise pathogenic mechanism remains unknown [11].
1) Histopathological examination of the synovial membrane detect H.
9) In 1994, Copeland et al (5) recognized the similarity of synovial membranes to the membranes abutting silicone breast prostheses.
Studies comparing the breast capsular membranes to synovial membranes found in villonodular synovitis have shown similar histologic, histochemical, immunohistochemical, and both transmission and scanning electron microscopic appearances.
RA causes recurrent inflammation of the synovial membranes of the joints (Falvo, 1991).
It arises from the synovial membranes of the joints, bursae, and tendon sheaths.
The second stage is transitional, characterized by active intrasynovial metaplastic proliferation with free bodies that are partially covered with a synovial membrane that contains active chondrocytes.