Syngamus trachea

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Syngamus trachea

the chicken gapeworm; causes upper respiratory infestation leading to dyspnea, and sometimes death; intermediate hosts are earthworms.
Synonym(s): gapeworm


a genus of nematodes in the family Syngamidae.

Syngamus ierei
a cause of chronic nasopharyngitis in cats in Puerto Rico.
Syngamus laryngeus
found in the larynx of cattle.
Syngamus nasicola
found in the nasal cavities of ruminants.
Syngamus skrjabinomorpha
found in the domestic goose and in chickens.
Syngamus trachea
found in fowl, turkey, pheasant, guinea fowl, goose and wild birds. Causes pneumonia while migrating through the lungs. In the trachea causes tracheitis and anemia because of heavy blood-sucking. The predominant clinical signs are dyspnea, head shaking and spasmodic gaping.