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Johnson, Scottish anatomist, 1851-1924. See: Symington anococcygeal body.
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Symington, a Republican, who was a real estate developer before his election last year, is among the defendants in a $140 million lawsuit filed in December by the Resolution Trust Corp., a federal agency.
Fife Symington, on the prowl for a quick political victory to launch his four-year term, rose eagerly to the challenge.
Stuart Symington's message released by the the U.S.
Exclusive: Insiders Symington, Lehmann Analyze Mid-Term Elections for P/C Insurance
Burnmoor v Brandon BRANDON: K Turner c Linsley b Niazi 24, M Brown lbw L Dixon 4, G Muchall c Craig b M Symington 19, R Pringle lbw Munton 10, S Humble b M Symington 26, N Adamson lbw Munton 0, J Gossert c Linsley b Munton 0, L Newby lbw M Symington 9, O Dewhurst c M Symington b Niazi 4, L Wilson not out 0.
For the President's XI, skippered by Ross Symington, Chris Fowler took 4-45 off his eight-over spell - aided by three fantastic catches in the deep by Joe Mavin.
Richard Symington launched a foul-mouthed racist tirade when Dr Ranjani Balaraman refused to prescribe him codeine.
Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, has announced that leading food manufacturer Symington's one of the leading food manufacturers in the UK, including brands such as Ainsley Harriott, Aunt Bessie's, Chicken Tonight and Ragu has seen a full ROI on its investment in Infor Supply Chain Execution (SCE), ahead of schedule.
CARLISLE 1 SCUNTHORPE 1 GREG ABBOTT hailed Carlisle sub David Symington's 30-yard cracker as goal of the season - and Scunthorpe boss Brian Laws agreed.
Abbott said of Symington: "David is capable of that and he nearly got us a winner late on.
These involved the payments of more than pounds 80,000 to MoD officials William Ronnie Marks and John Symington.