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Antoine E.R.A., French anatomist, 1786-1868. See: Serres angle, Serres glands, rests of Serres.
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On observing the above had ith it generally involves the acceptance of khabar al-ahaad in matters of syar i'at, and al-Bukh-ar-iy also brought had ith khabar al-ahaad which explains it as a debate in matters of 'aq idat, and this can be seen in book 95 of khabar 'Ahiad, reported from Ab-u Jamrat, he said:
Central to the syar 'iah are the concepts of Halal and Toyyibaan, which govern all the economic activities of man in wealth production and consumption of wealth, where certain means of gaining a livelihood are declared unlawful.
The first stanza of the second poem ends with another foreshadowing of defeat: the presence of cowards among heroes, jackals among lions (sero ki mad me, aya hai aj syar, II.