Paul R., 20th-century U.S. pediatrician. See: Swyer-James syndrome, Swyer-James-MacLeod syndrome.
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Swyer Theatre, with a 450-seating capacity, and the Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre, which has a 982-seating capacity, are both housed in The Egg.
Rebecca Swyer, a Church of England vicar who has known him 20 years, said: "It would be very out of character for him to be involved in something like this.
Swyer Studios and School of the Arts, a leader in dance education.
(2) Swyer syndrome should be included in the differential diagnosis of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS) and 17a-hydroxylase deficiency syndrome, which also present with a 46XY karyotype.
According to Swyer (1944)., (1) human prostate undergoes several growth phases.
Alan Swyer has been writer, director, and/or producer on films ranging from HBO's award- winning "Rebound" to "The Buddy Holly Story;" "Alfred Hitchcock;" and the award-winning "Spiritual Revolution." Among his other work is "Beisbol," Imagen Award winner for best feature-length documentary, "It's More Expensive To Do Nothing," and his newest "El Boxeo," available now on Amazon Prime.
Led by Larry Swyer, managing partner and group account director (Shell) and Geoff Campbell, partner and senior director of content, MediaCom worked hand-in-hand with the paper's in-house production unit, T Brand Studio, leveraging its storytelling expertise to create "Cities Energized: The Urban Transition," a print and online experience incorporating features such as augmented reality, documentary-style video and interactive data elements.
Little cosensus exists about which approach is best; however, it is largely agreed that rates of bullying and victimisation vary according to measurment methods (Cole, Cornell & Sheras, 2006; Griffin & Gross, 2004; Swyer et al., 2008).
A unique consideration in patients with dysgerminoma or choriocarcinoma is the possible diagnosis of XY gonadal dysgenesis, or Swyer syndrome.
Simple 46,XY gonadal dysgenesis, also called Swyer syndrome, is a very rare condition, and has been estimated to occur in approximately 1/100 000 people.
Director Alan Swyer is a former boxer, which helped him get an amazing 80-plus interviews with ring legends, promoters and trainers.
More than 70 years ago, Swyer [55] analyzed the cholesterol content in the prostate of BPH subjects and reported that its concentration was twice that in a normal prostate.