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Q. Hello my name is Nora. Years ago I was told I was bipolar and now am told I am suffering mood swings. Are not being bipolar and mood swings one of the same? This is my second time suffering depression and I have read that usually people do suffer two depressions in their life. Is this true? I was involved in an automobile accident way back in the 70's and had burr holes to relieve the pressure. I am now being told that it is common for people who suffer serious head injuries to have mood swings. True or false?

A. head trauma can alter personality, depends on the place of impact. there is a big difference between bipolar disorder and mood swings. although it look the same it's like walking vs. running, look the same but two very different states. and people can definitely experience acute depression once or twice in their life.

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"We found that ecstasy, GHB, laughing gas, cannabis, poppers and ketamine were the most popular drugs to use during sex among swingers," she noted.
The 52-year-old swinger is said to have suffered a medical episode during the secretive Swingfields festival in Malvern, Worcestershire, on Friday.
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Speaking previously, the owner of Social Swingers said: "Personally and professionally, jealousy is part of the lifestyle.
According to the club they cater for "adult party, chill, full and soft swinging (know your limits) voyeurism, exhibitionism, couples and single women - kinksters and swingers are all welcome, newbies and the curious especially welcome."
Founded by former politics students Matt GrechSmith and Jeremy Simmonds, Swingers has taken the UK by storm and opened its first two locations in London's Financial District and Oxford Circus.
"We are a small community who wish to explore the possibilities that exist beyond hand-in-hand relationships with one's spouse," says Singaporean Mac Seah, 35, who founded Undertable Swingers Community five years ago, when only a handful of small swingers clubs existed in Singapore.
Depraved Adrian Pogmore - nicknamed "PC Pervy Poggy" by pals - used the high-power camera on the South Yorkshire Police chopper to capture images of naked sunbathers and a swinger couple romping.
They also targeted a nudist camp and swingers who "put on a show" by having sex, a court heard.
Great two-plane swingers include Jack Nicklaus and Bubba Watson.
ONE of Birmingham's most beautiful nad historic houses - which was being used as a swingers' club - is to be restored to its former glory.