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(1) An extramarital relationship more driven by physical gratification than by polyamory—the desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners
(2) An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, but may also involve singles, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners
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Data gathered by private swing clubs indicate that 90 percent of swingers identify a religious preference and 47 percent regularly attend religious services (Friendship Express, 1994; Miller, 1994).
Today's swing clubs, he argues, mark the return of such places.
2005 (Dec.): Supreme Court of Canada under Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin rules that "swing clubs" featuring multiple sex partners and partner-swapping do not harm society.
More flex makes it easier for kids to swing clubs."
Slated pre-Broadway fare includes "Tallulah" (with Kathleen Turner) and the tryout for "The Rhythm Club," the new musical penned by the youthful Chad Beguelin and Matthew Sklar and set in and around the swing clubs of 1930s Hamburg.
The site also tells people how to set up their own swing clubs. It reads: "Getting together with your friends and neighbours can be a lot of fun.