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(1) An extramarital relationship more driven by physical gratification than by polyamory—the desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners
(2) An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, but may also involve singles, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners
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Alternative 1: Open a Swing Club using the same prototype in the Atlanta, GA area.
There was more competition with another Swing Club in the city.
However, the present Swing club was only a mile away from the uptown area raising the question, "Can Charlotte support two theme supper clubs with entertainment nightly aimed at the upper scale market?
Data gathered by private swing clubs indicate that 90 percent of swingers identify a religious preference and 47 percent regularly attend religious services (Friendship Express, 1994; Miller, 1994).
Local swing clubs provided links from their websites to the survey and all swinger email listserves on OneList.
After botching the suicide attempt, he ventures out into the night, ending up in a smoky swing club where Benny Goodman, Bobby Freeman and the Beach Boys alternate on the jukebox, and some very able dancers demonstrate how truly empty poor Michael's life truly is.
Stroman actually saw a yellow dress-wearing beauty at an after-hours swing club in New York's meatpacking district.
Where else in Michigan can you come out and swing clubs, test your long drive and putt this weekend?
Where else in Lansing can you come out and swing clubs, test your long drive and putt this weekend?
Many golf shops offer a place to swing clubs, if not actually hit balls.