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Should We Intervene Following Thrombolysis trial. A clinical trial comparing delayed elective intervention and conservative strategies after tPA/antistreplase thrombolysis in patients with acute MI
Conclusion Early routine intervention has no advantage over conservative management after tPA in patients with acute MI
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Cardiology A clinical trial–Should We Intervene Following Thrombolysis–comparing delayed elective intervention and conservative strategies after tPA/antistreplase thrombolysis in Pts with acute MI. See Acute myocardial infarction, Coronary angioplasty, tPA.
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Q. every alternate day i go through a swift mood change from a very high depression. I am facing some problem and I need help. Every alternate day I go through a swift mood change from a very high depression on one day to a high happiness on the other day. It remains constant for couple of days and then again my mood swings either to a high depression or to a good level happiness. When in happy mood I feel on top. When I feel very depressed I start harming myself and it goes to the extent to bang my head on the wall. Many times I will cry so much that the very next day my eyes burns with irritation and pain. Is all this normal? I think I am getting bipolar.

A. I would suggest going to your doctor and asking to speak to someone. Perhaps start with a theropist so you will have someone to talk to and can teach you to manage your stress. If you are experiencing bipolar episodes the theropist may be able to recognize the symptoms and suggest you see a psychiatrist as well. Try not to self diagnose yourself, tell your doctor that you have been having some hard times and would like someone to talk to and go from there. I wish you well.

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Swift called his girl-friend Stella, and as Stella she has become famous in our literature.
Over against this conduct, so far as it goes, may be set Swift's quixotic but extensive and constant personal benevolence and generosity to the poor.
The 'Journal' is interesting also for its record of the minor details of the life of Swift and of London in his day.
I see chimney swifts in broad daylight quite often around DuPage County.
Alsager Town Council is helping the town become more 'swift-friendly' by installing bespoke nesting boxes for endangered swifts under its roof.
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Swifts in flight AS THE days get brighter and the evenings get longer, we welcome a host of summer visitors to Wales.
It is now well established that Black Swifts lay a single egg per nest (Lowther and Collins 2002; Hirshman and others 2007); therefore, if 2 nestlings were collected in 1958, this would suggest 2 active nests were involved.
Evidently the great love of Swifts life was a woman he referred to as Stella (real name: Hester or Esther Johnson), but we do not know whether they were ever married or not; we do not even know whether they had sexual relations or not (contemporary witnesses gave contradictory evidence).
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LINDLEY Swifts found it tough going as they took on Hunslet Warrior Bulls.