acesulfame potassium

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ace·sul·fame po·tas·si·um

(āsĕ-sŭlfām pŏ-tasē-ŭm)
A potassium salt that is sweeter than table sugar.
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The reason for this is "Sweet One Million" is an F1 hybrid which only comes true for the first generation.
Number two: work with what you've got, and, if the Brexit deal is a cake, then make it a sweet one. And finally, and most importantly, don't have too many cooks.
"It was a sweet one. I was thinking I was going to sky it and then I hit it nicely.
'He was a good child, a very sweet one for all of us here,' she said.
If your husband doesn't respect the way you feel about his interruptions, then his message is no longer a sweet one (if it ever was), because how could it be sweet to do something repeatedly for someone that you know irritates them?
For Bamford, a bit-part player under Monk's reign at Boro, scoring the winning goal and notching his seventh strike in four matches must have a sweet one as he ruined his former boss' big night in a game of few chances.
Charlie's story ends up being a sweet one, as she learns lessons about trust and friendship, as well as focus and determination.
THIS season has been a bitter sweet one for PT Usha's protege Tintu Luka.
"The verse we've received at the salon is a sweet one, in honour of a particular lady, who's obviously very close to the author and had a longlasting effect on him.
EILEEN IDRISSI I'm Part of You I'M part of you I know your history Who ever gets in Government So use your vote It might be more of the same Who do they think they are Telling us what to do From a London cosy office What's it all about I don't know But they could do lots more To help people Life is short and sweet One day we are here The next day we are gone You can't take the house With you and the car We are caretakers of the planet I've lived a long time now I live and learn I am not perfect But who is At the end of the day It's all in your mind We are what we think We are what we say and do I think February was cold But it had its moments Look the daffodils are out I am part of you All the best for the next few days.