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named for the country of its origin, Sweden.
Swedish massage - traditional massage.
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We are very honoured and proud to receive this prestigious prize from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and it is particularly special since this year we celebrate 100 years of being in the Netherlands.
2007, the European Court of Justice ruled that the Swedish trade unions could not force a foreign company to observe local pay deals.
A man in traditional Swedish folk clothing led the singing, accompanied by musicians playing vio- lins, guitar, bass and accordion.
Samuelsson, who is part owner and executive chef at New York City's premier Swedish restaurant Aquavit--named after Sweden's famous spiced vodka--is a celebrity back home.
Bernard maintains an internal staff of patch management experts dedicated to maintaining its exclusive Chinese and Swedish patch management databases.
Ginger cookies, apple cake with creme Anglais and ice cream were complemented by assorted Swedish chocolates.
In developing our own version of the Swedish service house, our plan was to convert a portion of our nursing home to serve as a "demonstration project.
Other Swedish dishes featured during the promotion were Arctic pizza, Swedish meatballs and cloudberry parfait with oatmeal cookies.
Santa Lucia service - traditional Swedish seasonal festival held at St Philips Cathedral.
In addition, Swedish legislation mandated that the courts view each criminal act as an isolated matter.
Over the course of five years, de Mare and Borlin built a company of mythic fame, using Swedish and Danish dancers and some of the most promising of Paris's young artists--poets such as Jean Cocteau, painters including Fernand Leger and Giorgio di Chirico, and composers from Les Six, such as Darius Milhaud and Arthur Honegger.
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