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A city of the former Soviet Union that evoked international interest in 1979 through an anthrax epidemic, later attributed to a leak in a military lab involved in the testing and manufacture of biological warfare—prohibited by a treaty signed by the superpowers in 1975
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She declined to disclose the number of McDonald's restaurants which are being checked in the Sverdlovsk region.
He also voices his support for Sverdlovsk regional Government: "We support all decisions taken by the Governor to address the debt issue, including more active involvement of law enforcement agencies to stop housing and utilities companies' deliberate bankruptcy practices, [as well as] 'schemes' under which boilers are leased each season to succeeding 'housing and utilities businessmen,' or transferred for use to new municipal unitary enterprises.
Invasion of the blood stream with hematogenous dissemination of the bacteria resulted in hemorrhagic meningitis as the major cause of death in 34% (14 of 41) of the Sverdlovsk cases.
Eduard Rossel, governor of the Sverdlovsk region said: "We have the entire family now.
The 1979 accidental release of Bacillus anthracis spores in the northeastern quadrant of Sverdlovsk (today's Ekaterinburg) in the former Soviet Union resulted in a relatively large-scale incident of inhalation anthrax (1).
He had been shot down near Sverdlovsk, the Soviet armaments centre in the Urals.
Jeanne Guillemin (author of Anthrax, the 1999 book that dealt with the 1979 Sverdlovsk biological accident) wrote this book for those interested in the modern history of biological warfare.
This suspension affects shareholders of the Company and follows the actions that Viktor Vekselberg has taken in Sverdlovsk Regional Arbitration Court against not only various shareholders of the Company but also against the Company itself.
Pilot Gary Powers baled out of the aircraft and was arrested in Sverdlovsk, USSRMAY 6 Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones marry at Westminster Abbey watched by 20 million viewers in the first televised royal wedding JUNE 28 At least 37 men are killed in a gas explosion at a coal mine at Six Bells Colliery, 1,000ft below the surface in Monmouthshire.
About Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant Located in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia, the Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant is the largest uranium enrichment enterprise in the world.
In 1989 Meselson told a Senate committee before an open hearing that the Soviet Union had not released anthrax at its Sverdlovsk bio-weapons plant.
In Sverdlovsk we were put up in the [three-room] apartment of Paduchev, an engineer, .