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A city of the former Soviet Union that evoked international interest in 1979 through an anthrax epidemic, later attributed to a leak in a military lab involved in the testing and manufacture of biological warfare—prohibited by a treaty signed by the superpowers in 1975
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Sverdlovsk region is a long-time partner of Azerbaijan, and there is a direct flight between Baku and Yekaterinburg.
Some street reconstruction will require demolition of objects, said deputy chairman of the Sverdlovsk district Rustam Kasymbekov.
The affirmation of 'BB+' ratings reflects Fitch's expectation that Sverdlovsk will maintain moderate direct risk and a satisfactory operating performance with an operating balance sufficient for interest payment coverage.
Meanwhile, the deputy head of Chamber of Commerce of Sverdlovsk Oblast expressed the hope that the visit of the Iranian trade delegation to Sverdlovsk Oblast would bring about good results for expansion of cooperation between the two sides.
The event will bring together representatives of the Office of Labor and Employment of Sverdlovsk region, as well as employees of the Federal Migration Service of Russia.
"Checks were started due to complaints" from customers, Natalya Lukyantseva, an official in the Sverdlovsk region office of the regulatory agency, known in Russian as Rospotrebnadzor, told Reuters.
Respiratory failure in inhalational anthrax is caused mainly by massive bilateral pleural effusions and compressive atelectasis and was the major cause of death in 39% (16 of 41) of the cases in Sverdlovsk, Russia.
The agency cited the region's stronger-than-projected budgetary performance as the main reason for the rating uplift as Sverdlovsk contained expenses and expanded revenues.
The 1979 accidental release of Bacillus anthracis spores in the northeastern quadrant of Sverdlovsk (today's Ekaterinburg) in the former Soviet Union resulted in a relatively large-scale incident of inhalation anthrax (1).
Leonid Lyubimov spends his days among stacks of film cans at the Sverdlovsk Film Archive he heads in Ekaterinburg.