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Susumu, 1939–, winner of 1987 Nobel Prize for work related to antibodies.
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In their new study, scientists George Dragoi and Susumu Tonegawa found that some of the sequences of place cells in mice' brains that fired during a novel spatial experience such as running a new maze had already occurred while the animals rested before the experience.
Galenea has licensed technologies developed in the laboratories of Professor Susumu Tonegawa of MIT and Professor Maria Karayiorgou of Columbia University Medical Center (formerly of The Rockefeller University) and based on the calcineurin pathway and its role in schizophrenia pathogenesis.
In 1987, immunologist Susumu Tonegawa of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize for showing that white blood cells mix and match a handful of genes to make the interchangeable parts that form the millions of different antibodies used by the body to ward off infection.
Sieving, Director of the National Eye Institute, and Susumu Tonegawa, distinguished immunologist and a Nobel laureate.
12, a phone call from a Japanese journalist awakened Susumu Tonegawa at his Newton, Mass.
MIT's existing activities in the neurosciences include the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences (BCS), led by Professor Mriganka Sur; the Center for Learning and Memory (CLM), led by Professor of Biology Susumu Tonegawa, winner of the 1987 Nobel Prize for his work in immunology; the RIKEN-MIT Neuroscience Research Center, established within CLM; and the Martinos Imaging Center, which will develop new imaging technologies.
I am pleased that Otsuka has increased both the time and the resources dedicated to this collaboration," commented Professor Susumu Tonegawa, Ph.
Sharing the $15,000 award for basic research are Leroy Hood, chairman of the Division of Biology at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena; Philip Leder, chairman of the Department of Genetics at the Harvard Medical School in Boston; and Susumu Tonegawa, professor of biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Cancer Research in Cambridge.
Vest; and the Nobel prize winner and director of MIT's Center for Learning and Memory, Professor Susumu Tonegawa.
They are: Alfred Sommer, Paul Sieving, Jacques Delors, Amartya Sen, Carla Shatz, Joshua Sanes, Mark Bear, Gullapalli Rao, Jose Cunha-Vaz, Antonio Guterres, and the Nobel Laureate, Susumu Tonegawa.