susumna (sōō·sōōmˑ·n),

n in Ayurveda, spinal cord as described in the Atharvaveda. See vedas.
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F) In the esoteric Indian concept of the psychic energy of the human body, energy is concentrated on, and channeled from, the nodes located at certain stations of Susumna nadi--the spinal cord of the body.
Basham concludes this section by saying that the physiological basis of layayoga and hathayoga is false as there is no such thing as kundalini, susumna or sahasrara.
12ab) "When prana is flowing in susumna and when the mind is entering the void .
Three main naqls--the ida (left), the pihgala (right), and the susumna (central channel that runs along the spinal column, also referred to as brahmamarga)--are key to understanding this subtle and esoteric physiology.
32) This is a recognition of the main channels (nadi) for distributing the vital energy of hatha yoga: ida and pingala are on the right and left of the spine, which houses a central channel, the susumna.
Chinnamasta represents the central channel, the susumna, and her two attendants the two subsidiary channels, the ida and pingala.
Ida, pingala and susumna always convey prana and have as their deities respectively the moon, the sun, and fire.