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Essential food or nutrients required to support or maintain life.
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On the other hand the increase on the abdominal circumference that represents located fat may interfere on lung and phonation function, increasing forced vital capacity and decreasing MPT /e/ sustention. Along with this study new paths are open for future researches aiming at deepen the presented topic, once that obesity on the studied age still did not bring negative consequences to lung and vocal function, but it may arise on adult life.
Al-Zayani added that apparently the earthquake which occurred in the Iranian city of Bushehr caused utmost worry in the GCC countries and the world community in view of the reactor's likely sustention of damages which could cause nuclear radiation -- Allah forbids.
The ME classifications as well as the MVP types at the entry were associated with the 12-month preceding episode of UC relapse as shown in Table 3 and possibly could reflect the degree and sustention of mucosal healing, eventually linking to the disease remission.
By Wu and Lin (2008) company's competitive superiority allows its economic competitive ability that is described as possession of exclusive features, their sustention and proper use in the competitiveness process by business entity.
Economic development, in the structural sense, was primarily focussed on construction of modern roads, provision of electricity, good drinking water, modern health facilities, urban housing units and sustention food security (FMA, 1993).
It is common on material issues for companies to solicit input from multiple firms on their prior audit experiences and sustention rates.