Ophthalmology A controlled-release, intraocular drug-delivery system containing dexamethasone instilled into the anterior chamber of the eye during cataract surgery to ↓ pain and swelling postoperatively
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Randomized clinical trial of Surodex steroid drug delivery system for cataract surgery: anterior versus posterior placement of two Surodex in the eye.
today announced the results of a clinical trial that found Surodex, the company's intraocular drug delivery system, is superior to dexamethasone eye drops in reducing inflammation following cataract surgery.
Surodex consists of a biodegradable polymer that contains the generic anti-inflammatory drug dexamethasone.
The study found that patients receiving Surodex experienced a significant reduction in inflammation by day four after surgery.
This study validates our technology and confirms that the Surodex intraocular delivery system offers a clear advantage over conventional treatment of intraocular inflammation after cataract surgery," said Jerry Gin, President and Chief Executive Officer.
Oculex has completed clinical testing of Surodex in Singapore and plans to file a marketing application with the Singapore Ministry of Health.