surgical margin

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surgical margin

The border of a tissue specimen that has been removed surgically from the body. It is often marked with an indelible dye to make it easily visible to the pathologist.

Patient care

When obtaining biopsy specimens from a patient, the practitioner's goal is to obtain a tissue specimen that completely surrounds the lesion, so that the margins are free, i.e. not visibly penetrated by tumor cells.

Synonym: margin of resection
See also: margin
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The median survival rates of the patients with negative and positive proximal surgical margins are 22 (11.93-32.06) months and 17 (14.43-19.56) months, respectively.
Odds ratio of adverse pathological findings during surgery for intermediate risk group [less than or equal to]60 days Extraprostatic invasion Reference Seminal vesicle invasion Reference Surgical margin Reference Lymph node Reference 61-120 days OR (95% CI) Extraprostatic invasion 2.250 (1.029-4.918) Seminal vesicle invasion 0.396 (0.143-1.092) Surgical margin 1.569 (0.735-3.351) 1.500 (0.362-6.213) >120 days p value OR (95% CI) Extraprostatic invasion 0.694 (0.206-2.341) 0.042, 0.556 Seminal vesicle invasion 0.162 (0.024-1.111) 0.073, 0.064 Surgical margin 1.674 (0.509-5.513) 0.244, 0.397 Lymph node 1.640 (0.110-24.540) 0.576, 0.720 OR: Odds ratio, CI: Confidence interval Table 3.
Distribution of surgical margins and recurrences according to postoperative radiotherapy status in 109 evaluable patients Type of surgical margin Free, n = 40 Close, n = 54 * Involved, n = 15 No.
Thus, we aimed to compare cold steel and C[O.sub.2] laser regarding the associated oncological outcome and survival and also to determine the relevance of surgical margins and local recurrence in the treatment of early glottic cancer.
The [R.sup.2] values of the learning curve were 0.33 for surgical time, 0.02 for continence 12 months after surgery, 0.06 for erection, 0.01 for compromised surgical margin in pT2 and 0.02 for compromised surgical margin in pT3 after that time lapse, and 0.07 for compromised surgical margins.
As the surgical margins were negative and there was not sentinel lymph node metastasis on both sides, patient did not receive adjuvant therapy.
"If we can understand the relationship between what the pathologist sees on a slide under a microscope and what the surgeon is taking out in the operating room, and what accounts for the differences between the two, then we can work backward and figure out how much surgical margin to take," says Milan Milovancev, a board-certified veterinary surgeon at the OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine.
An 11.5xl0.5x2.2-cm ulcero-vegetating tumor that was located in the lesser curvature of the corpus and antrum and was 6 cm from the proximal surgical margin and 1.5 cm from the distal surgical margin was macroscopically observed in the gastrectomy material.
In summary, we present a case of urachal adenocarcinoma, of enteric type, with advance stage disease, with some negative predictor factors like lymph node metastasis, and with positive surgical margin. The patient underwent surgical resection of the tumor, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy and has a 3-year follow-up free of recurrence of disease.
Eyelid reconstructions with flap and graft were performed after confirming that the surgical margins were negative.
The mucocele appeared to stop directly at the base of the appendix; accordingly 1 cm of cecum was excised along with the appendix to assure a clean surgical margin. Postoperative course was unremarkable.
Excision with clear surgical margin is prognostically better and will result in a longer survival.