surgical intensive care unit

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sur·gi·cal in·ten·sive care u·nit

(SICU) (sĕr'ji-kăl in-ten'siv kār yū'nit)
Hospital unit designated for care of critically ill surgical patients.
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Out of enrolled patients 68% were received from the operating rooms (OR) after emergency surgical procedures, 22% underwent elective surgeries and 10% of the patients were non-operative admitted to Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) from surgical floor.
Efficacy of controlling night-time noise and activities to improve patients sleep quality in a surgical intensive care unit. J Clin Nurs.
Between January and December 2014, we evaluated patients who developed DANIs in the trauma/ surgical intensive care unit (SICU) at Abusalim Trauma Hospital, Tripoli, Libya, which provides care for both ventilated and non-ventilated patients.
Obstetric patients in a surgical intensive care unit: Prognostic factors and outcome.
Data for this study were obtained by reviewing all medical records of patients who underwent an invasive procedure while in the trauma or surgical intensive care unit at the study site.
"She is now at the Philippine Heart Centre and is out from the surgical intensive care unit.
A new five-story patient bed tower included a dedicated critical care floor with a cardiovascular intensive care unit, a coronary care unit, a surgical intensive care unit, and a medical intensive care unit.
Gillespie has 31 years of nursing experience, most of it with UMMC where she has worked as a staff nurse in the adult emergency department, nurse manager in the surgical intensive care unit and post anesthesia care unit, clinical director of adult critical care, and operations director of the eICU, the first electronic intensive care unit in the state.
Director Surgical Intensive Care Unit and Consultant Anaesthesiologist SIH Prof.
Tipu Sultan an eminent anesthesiologist and Councilor of CPSP who established the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Civil Hospital Karachi many years ago which provides absolutely free treatment facilities delivered an invited talk on "Present scenario of critical care in Karachi" during the recently held SURGICON 2013 held at CPSP Karachi.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the prevalence and impact of vitamin D deficiency in surgical intensive care unit patients.