Surgical Fire

A flash fire that occurs during a surgical procedure, which may injure patients or, rarely, cause death; 600 surgical fires are reported every year, but because reporting of such fires is not mandatory, the number may be much higher
Factors Sparks from electrocauterisation instruments, sustained by combustibles—e.g., surgical covers, facilitated by the high-O2 environment
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* Fire Safety: Participants will have the opportunity to learn how to extinguish a surgical fire and actually practice the evacuation of a patient from the OR.
Laser therapy is difficult because of the risk of surgical fire [10] and narrow airway diameter caused by granulation and tracheomalacia.
Precision fire should hit the center of mass, but surgical fire may win the fight.
A study in the journal Anesthesia Progress replicated potential surgical fire conditions with a mechanical model in an oxygen-enriched environment.
The Food and Drug Administration recently honored the AHA's American Society for Healthcare Engineering for its contributions to the agency's Preventing Surgical Fires initiative.
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Measures to prevent surgical fires must include addressing the risk factors that can be minimized during a procedure.
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