Surcease Suicide

Suicide completion to end or avoid a severe stressor
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Assisted surcease suicide was actually what Sue Rodriquez requested (and eventually did despite loosing her court case), namely, 'suicide deliberated and done with help when a condition advances to a point where the individual is incapacitated to a significant degree' (29).
The distinctions are also made, however, because, as Prado says he came to see only after publishing The Last Choice, '[preemptive suicide is mainly the suicidist's own business, and so neither a social nor professional concern on the order of surcease or assisted surcease suicide considered and committed while under medical care' (5).
In insisting that surcease suicide, assisted surcease suicide, and requested or voluntary euthanasia need to be rational in order even to have their moral acceptability assessed, Prado loses sight of the private nature of choosing one's own death, by whatever means.