supravaginal portion of cervix

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su·pra·vag·i·nal por·tion of cer·vix

(sū'pră-vaj'i-năl pōr'shŭn sĕr'viks)
The part of the cervix of the uterus lying above the attachment of the vagina.
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Management in cervical fibroid of supravaginal portion is hysterectomy if fertility is not desired and myomectomy if the patient is young and fertility is desired.
Specifically, the cervix is often significantly longer on the scan, compared with the digital examination (which presumably represents the fact that TVS measures the whole cervical length, including the supravaginal portion), and TVS captures the cervix in a passive state, whereas during a digital exam, touching the cervix will stretch it to a variable dilatation.
As usual after clamping, cutting and ligating the uterine arteries, the uterus was bisected (figure 5) upto the supravaginal portion of the cervix, after securing perfect hemostasis by ligating the vessels supplying the mass, the fibroid polyp was removed en mass.