Tropical Cyclone

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A storm system characterised by a large low-pressure centre and thunderstorms that produce strong winds and heavy rain. More technically, it is a non-frontal synoptic scale cyclone originating over tropical or sub-tropical waters with organised convection and definite cyclonic surface wind circulation
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Very strange because the poor are always the first and the most victims of supertyphoons but now say they like supertyphoon Duterte.
But to the researchers' surprise, the predicted supertyphoons will be smaller, stretching only 249 miles (400 kilometers).
But during one such breakfast, Aquino said he was alarmed by a headline from one of the major dailies that said a supertyphoon packing winds of 354 kilometers per hour would hit the Batanes islands in northern Luzon.
Malano signed the memorandum circular adopting the supertyphoon category signal on May 18 to give emphasis to the more dangerous and possibly devastating effects of supertyphoons or storms with winds above 220 kph.
5 to denote a supertyphoon to its rating of storm strengths.
The supertyphoons of that distant past and of the present have only one difference: The current atmosphere has the dreaded CO2.
The JTWC, an agency of the US Department of Defense, categorizes storms with wind speeds of 241 kph as supertyphoons.
Being the second supertyphoon to hit the Philippines in recent history, 'Lawin' (international name: 'Haima') is expected to cause as much damage as 2013's 'Yolanda' (international name: 'Haiyan').