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A term for the paraphysical force that is believed by inhabitants of Oceania and the Hawaiian Islands to exist in the universe. Tribal witch doctors are chosen based on their ability to tap into mana from heaven, which they may demonstrate by exhibiting psychokinetic skills (e.g., levitating objects or making them appear or disappear) or by displaying a second sight or clairvoyance (e.g., which tells them when and where food animals are plentiful, or how to treat a person’s illness).
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A professional certification and advocacy group for midwives and midwifery care, students of midwifery, and their supporters.
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During her struggle, the image of the supernatural force, Urgen's horse, provides her tremendous strength and enables her to tolerate all kinds of physical, mental, emotional and psychological pain.
Rather, he is inspired by supernatural forces, chosen, if you will, to reveal the Arab idea to his people.
By Cheryl Mullin Games reviewer who sets out on a quest to stand against anapparently unstoppable supernatural force. Great combat mechanics combined with stunning graphics make this an instantly appealing title - and those gamers who enjoy a challenge will certainly find one here.
Lords of the Fallen, PS4 PS41.99 A HARDCORE action-RPG set in a richly created fantasy world where the Gods have failed mankind, you must take on the role of a human named Harkyn who sets out on a quest to stand against an apparently unstoppable supernatural force.
SUNDAY GHOSTBUSTERS FIVE 6.55PM Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver are among the cast of this sci-fi comedy, which follows the fortunes of a group of ghost-hunters who are forced to take on an almighty supernatural force.
a terrified mother (Virginia Madsen) struggles to protect her son (Kyle Gallner) from a malevolent supernatural force in THE
The bosses of Crystal Palace, Bristol City and Huddersfield - Managers of the Month for Divisions One, Two and Three in January - will probably not achieve such good results in February, but this is not because of the influence of any malevolent, supernatural force.
If so, then one could believe in the existence of this life force - and even call it God - and still not be considered religious because it is belief in a natural, not a supernatural force. After all, lightning and thunder, earthquakes, meteors, and eclipses were all once considered supernatural phenomena.
She soon comes face to face with a sinister supernatural force when she encounters a troubled teenager who used to live at the property.
Blowing the whistle, he awakens a disturbing supernatural force. A terrifying ordeal follows and though his scepticism tries to dismiss his unearthly encounters, his eyes and ears cannot.
The fifth season shows brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who 25 years ago lost their mother to a mysterious supernatural force, fighting the ultimate evil back to the fiery depths of his underground prison.
They discover that the box harbours a terrifying supernatural force, which is poisoning the girl's soul.