Superman Syndrome

A term with multiple ad hoc definitions based on Superman’s super powers. Superman syndrome has been applied to
(1) A person who refuses to acknowledge the need for physical rest—a workaholic
(2) A person who is temporarily not in control of his mental faculties—e.g., drunk—who challenges all takers to a fight, believing he is invincible
(3) A person—e.g., a husband—who does everything he can to provide for his family and those to whom he feels responsible
(4) A person described in the book of the same name by Robert Kamm as someone with ' inability or unwillingness to throw the off-switch... whether on a cell phone, the computer, or in our own brains'—an Everywhere man; and most irreverently,

(5) A person who disappears whenever possible without anyone noticing—a Nowhere man
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