superior pubic ramus

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su·pe·ri·or pu·bic ra·mus

a bar of bone, triangular in section, which extends posterosuperiorly from the body of the pubis to form the superior boundary of the obturator foramen; developmentally, it contributes about one fifth of the articular surface of the acetabulum.
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The lesion within the superior pubic ramus showed interval increase on follow-up imaging and was treated with local radiation.
The retrograde medullary superior pubic ramus screw for treatment of anterior pelvic ring disruptions: a new technique.
The patient had laparotomy, and a hernia sac containing peritoneum and small intestine passing below the superior pubic ramus was discovered, which confirmed the diagnosis made by US and CT.
Fractures detected included superior and inferior pubic rami fracture, fracture of superior pubic ramus, fracture of ischial spine and acetabular fracture.
5 cm involving the right superior pubic ramus (figure 1B).
Figure 4 is an anteroposterior view of the pelvis, showing thickening of the cortex and bilateral ileopectineal lines (black arrow, the pelvic brim sign) and an irregular trabecular pattern within the right iliac and superior pubic ramus.
These patients may have tenderness to palpation focally to the proximal adductor muscles, the symphysis pubis or the superior pubic ramus.
A technetium bone scan was performed and demonstrated abnormal uptake about the right superior pubic ramus and the left pubic rami.
But the zone of highest von-Mises stress varied during gait from superior pubic ramus for maximum load (Figure 3a) to central inferior ilium for minimum load (Figure 3b).
Cooper's ligament, or the pectineal ligament, is formed from the fascia and periosteum along the superior pubic ramus.
A triangular region bordered by the superior pubic ramus, posterior margin of the pectineus muscle and anterior aspect of the external obturator muscle containing the obturator vessels and nerve was defined and later used clinically to perform obturator nerve block with ultrasound guidance.
The obturator canal is a defect in the tendinous insertion of the obturator internus muscle onto the posterior aspect of the superior pubic ramus, which is a passage way for the obturator neurovascular bundle (Fig.

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