superior petrosal sinus

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su·pe·ri·or pe·tro·sal si·nus

a paired dural venous sinus in the groove along the crest of the petrous temporal bone, connecting the cavernous sinus with the termination of the transverse sinus or beginning of the sigmoid sinus.
Synonym(s): sinus petrosus superior [TA]

superior petrosal sinus

A slender dural sinus that drains the cavernous sinus posteriorly into the transverse sinus.
See also: sinus
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Cerebral angiography was performed, and an intracranial dAVF was found in the superior petrosal sinus with perimedullary drainage [Figure 1]f and [Figure 1]g.
In the present rare case, the dAVF was located in the superior petrosal sinus and drained into the perimedullary vein.
3] Extension of the thrombus may be significant, reaching the superior petrosal sinus superior, or as low as the subclavian vein.
The close position of the superior petrosal sinus and the internal carotid artery to the posterior clinoid process, makes it vulnerable to injuries and thus it is important for the neuro-surgeons performing clinoidectomy operations.
Its use has been extended by division of the superior petrosal sinus to remove larger acoustic neuromas and petroclival meningiomas.
Finally, elevating the head to promote venous drainage and diminish intracranial pressure could lead to air embolism through the superior petrosal sinus.

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