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André, French anatomist, 1877-1947.
Latarget nerve - terminal branch of anterior vagal trunk which runs along lesser curvature of the stomach. Synonym(s): superior hypogastric plexus
Latarget vein - a tributary of the right gastric vein that passes anterior to the pylorus at its junction with the duodenum. Synonym(s): prepyloric vein
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We present two patients who were successfully given ultrasound-guided superior hypogastric plexus block by an anterior approach.
Key Words: superior hypogastric plexus, neurolytic block, imaging, ultrasound- guided, pelvic pain
The superior hypogastric plexus mediates nociceptive visceral stimuli from the various pelvic organs including the bladder, uterus, ovary, vagina, prostate and rectum.
Ultrasound-guided superior hypogastric plexus neurolysis by an anterior approach was planned.
Therefore, percutaneous neurolytic blocks of the superior hypogastric plexus should be considered more often for patients with advanced stages of pelvic cancer.
Very few case series in the literature describe an anterior approach to the superior hypogastric plexus block under CT guidance (7-10).
In summary, the anterior ultrasound-guided superior hypogastric plexus neurolysis technique is simple to perform.
Neurolytic superior hypogastric plexus block for chronic pelvic pain associated with cancer.
Computed tomography-guided anterior approach to the superior hypogastric plexus for non cancer pelvic pain: a report of two cases.
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