superior border

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su·pe·ri·or bor·der

Synonym(s): margo superior [TA]
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To evaluate and compare the superior border of mental foramen to the lower border of mandible (S-L) and the inferior border of mental foramen to lower border of mandible(I-L) values in males and females.
Internal fixation got fame with development of biocompatible metals like Vitallium and titanium and transosseous wiring with intermaxillary fixation, at the superior border one non-compression mini plate, two non compression mini plates, at the border one tension band, two dynamic compression plates and one compression plate at the inferior border were applied for primary healing of bone.8
In Z-plasty, a releasing incision was made on superior border and other on the inferior border of lingual frenulum.
Superior border of IOF directly overlying the IOF was the main reference point from which vertical measurements to IOM and maxillary alveolar ridge at the second premolar were recorded.
Caption: Figure 4: OPG showing a diffuse radiolucent lesion in the maxilla on the right side with an impacted tooth at superior border involving maxillary sinus.
Most dissertations have stated that CCA bifurcates at the level of the superior border of thyroid cartilage (Klosek & Rungruang; Kurkcuoglu et al.; Moore & Dalley).
Here, if the superior border of the chest wall defect was over the top of the diaphragm, we used net and bone cement for the reconstruction of the chest wall ribs.
A longitudinal incision was made along the superior border of the jugular furrow close to the level of obstruction.
The internal and external branches of the superior laryngeal nerve are identified, and the thyrohyoid membrane is sectioned from posterior to anterior along the superior border of the thyroid lamina, beginning from where the laryngocele is exteriorized.
The mouth of the diverticulum was located on the right side, and it was packed from the pharyngeal side, just above the level of the superior border of the thyroid ala.
"The use of one miniplate on the superior border has proved to be the best method with the least complications" [8]; "...both ORIF via an intraoral approach with application of a single monocortical miniplate according to Champy and ORIF via extraoral approach with application of an inferior border plate with at least 2 holes on either side of the fracture line (bicortical) are satisfactory methods of fixation" [9].
The area was defined as being limited superiorly by the inferior border of the superior transverse scapular ligament, laterally and medially by the osseous walls of the suprascapular notch, and inferiorly by superior border of the anterior coracoscapular ligament or inferior border of the suprascapular notch (for specimens without an ACSL).

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