superior angle of scapula

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su·pe·ri·or an·gle of scap·u·la

formerly named the medial angle, it lies at the junction of the superior and medial borders of the bone.
Synonym(s): angulus superior scapulae [TA]
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su·pe·ri·or an·gle of scap·u·la

(sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr ang'gĕl skap'yū-lă) [TA]
Angle at the junction of the superior and medial borders of the scapula
Synonym(s): angulus superior scapulae [TA] .
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The angle between the lateral margin of the SN, the superior angle and root of the spine was measured and considered as the upper scapular angle (USA), while the angle between root of the spine, the inferior angle and infraglenoid tubercle was measured and considered as the lower scapular angle (LSA) (Fig.
2012 2-3 months Yes Near the superior angle 2-3 years Yes Lateral: inferior 2014 6 months Yes Superior angle 2015 4 months Yes ?
* Length of scapula in mm is taken as the distance between the summit of the superior angle and the inferior angle.
Comparison of gonioscopic findings between eyes with pseudoexfoliation and normal eyes Findings Eyes Normal p with eyes PEX (n=34) Superior angle Grade 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 12 10 0.691 3 19 20 4 3 4 Pigmentation of trabecular meshwork (inferior angle) Grade 0 0 9 1 6 21 0.055 2 17 3 3 7 1 4 4 0 Pigmentation of trabecular meshwork (superior angle) Grade 0 1 20 1 18 11 0.297 2 11 2 3 1 1 4 3 0 PEX on the angle 9 1 0.000 Sampaolesi's line (inferior angle) 33 23 0.323 Sampaolesi's line (superior angle) 6 0 0.000 PEX: Pseudoexfoliation Table 3.
* Imaging of the superior angle quadrant is difficult and requires manipulation of the upper eyelid
Pedicle superior angle was 23.3 degrees and pedicle median angle was 32.2 degrees (Table 2).
We also observed that TISA in the superior angle was significantly smaller than other quadrants in all eyes (P < 0.0001).
1) was inserted parallel to the tibial axis at a 45[degrees] superior angle to the tibia, a second pin (A in Fig.
Other positional changes may include internal rotation of the scapula, where the inferior angle moves in an arc away from the vertebral column and up with the superior angle moving toward the vertebral column, and lateral translation of the scapula on the chest wall.
The Rengachary method classifies the SSN into six categories based on its shape: Type I, the whole superior margin of the scapula shows a wide depression from the medial superior angle to the base of the coracoid process; Type II, a wide and blunt v-shaped notch; Type III, a symmetrical u-shaped notch; Type IV, a small, v-shaped notch; Type V, similar to Type III with the medial part of the ligament ossified and Type VI, with the ligament completely ossified forming a foramen.
(2010) (9) analysed 138 human scapulae in Kenyan population and found 3 scapulae without notch and 30 scapulae with concave superior border(wide depression extending from medial superior angle to the base of coracoid process) having no discrete notch.
The superior angle is the narrowest and the most likely to close.

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