superior angle of scapula

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su·pe·ri·or an·gle of scap·u·la

formerly named the medial angle, it lies at the junction of the superior and medial borders of the bone.
Synonym(s): angulus superior scapulae [TA]

su·pe·ri·or an·gle of scap·u·la

(sŭ-pēr'ē-ŏr ang'gĕl skap'yū-lă) [TA]
Angle at the junction of the superior and medial borders of the scapula
Synonym(s): angulus superior scapulae [TA] .
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Length of scapula in mm is taken as the distance between the summit of the superior angle and the inferior angle.
Maximum scapular height is the maximum distance between the highest point of the superior angle and the lowest point of the inferior angle.
Comparison of gonioscopic findings between eyes with pseudoexfoliation and normal eyes Findings Eyes Normal p with eyes PEX (n=34) Superior angle Grade 0 0 0 1 0 0 2 12 10 0.
The superior angle is the narrowest and the most likely to close.
1) was inserted parallel to the tibial axis at a 45[degrees] superior angle to the tibia, a second pin (A in Fig.
Superior Concealment--Using technology found in AMS' DURA II malleable prosthesis, Spectra provides a superior angle of concealment of just 7x which enables discreet placement.
2010) (9) analysed 138 human scapulae in Kenyan population and found 3 scapulae without notch and 30 scapulae with concave superior border(wide depression extending from medial superior angle to the base of coracoid process) having no discrete notch.
The Optima MD's low energy capability, superior angle control and zero energy contamination made the choice to continue our relationship with Axcelis an easy one.
During exposure of posterior triangle of neck, we observed long thin belly of a muscle superficial to brachial plexus and subclavian vessels, which shared a common origin with subclavius muscle anteriorly, while posteriorly this muscle was attached to superior angle of scapula, medial to the attachment of inferior belly of omohyoid.
On the right side muscle was attached to superior angle of scapula and innervated by suprascapular nerve but on the left side it was attached to transverse scapular ligament and innervated by nerve to subclavius.
As customers move toward smaller devices, the need for single wafer systems with superior angle control, contamination control and productivity intensifies," said Ernest Godshalk, president and chief operating officer of Varian Semiconductor.
But crisp passing and superior angles of running were not enough to carry them to success during a nailbiting Pool Six clash at Rodney Parade.

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