superficial spreading melanoma

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su·per·fi·cial spread·ing mel·a·no·ma

primary cutaneous melanoma characterized by intraepidermal growth extending laterally beyond the site of dermal invasion.
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superficial spreading melanoma

Dermatology A melanoma, 70% of which affect Pts from age 30 to 60, especially ♀ in lower legs or trunk, as a flat lesion–radial growth phase that may be present for months to yrs, average 5-yr survival 75% Etiology Recreational suntanning. See Melanoma.
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On one occasion, a sample from a 29-year-old woman who was concerned that amole on her thigh was itching and growing larger, later showed "superficial spreading malignant melanoma"-even though Dr Toth had ruled out the chance that the woman had cancer.
(The other subtypes are superficial spreading malignant melanoma, nodular melanoma, and lentigo maligna melanoma.) Acral refers to its typical location, occurring in the distal extremities.
Differences in chromosomal aberrations between nodular and superficial spreading malignant melanoma detected by interphase cytogenetics.

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