malt liquor

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malt li·quor

a beverage brewed from malt, such as beer or ale.
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Heineken, embarrassed by the cider brand White Lightning, stopped producing it last year, and Tesco and Co-op in Ipswich, with the backing of local police, have ended the sale of super-strength lagers.
He was unconscious on a cocktail of heroin, crack cocaine, diazepam, half a bottle of vodka and cans of super-strength lager when admitted on June 4.
Swigging super-strength lager and wine, some could barely stand or open their eyes as they waited to buy a hit from Cassidy.
The former brewery training officer and customer services advisor - who married at 19 after meeting Mr Knight three years earlier - told the jury her husband drank up to four litres of super-strength lager each night and was also fond of "Cheeky Vimto" - a cocktail of port, vodka, lemonade and alcopop.
I dare say the young offender whose mother came to support him in his time of need was grateful for her presence, but might have wished she had left the six-pack of super-strength lager at home.
Instead of wasting away his days swigging super-strength lager and cadging cigarettes, he follows a carefully planned routine.
While the price of most alcohol sold would be unaffected it could Lohan significantly hike the price of cheap ciders, super-strength lager and spirits.
A total of 32,000 cans of super-strength lager were taken from a wholesaler in the city centre during operations across the West Midlands.
The hikes would mean an extra pounds 1.33 on a four-pack of super-strength lager.
Others show the teeny thugs posing with tonic wine and super-strength lager.
"We see them at 6am walking past drinking super-strength lager - it's all hours of the day and night," she said.