The CDC’s term for a person who has a particularly contagious strain of a specific pathogen. See Typhoid Mary
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A social super-spreader is someone who comes into contact with a lot of people.
"With less than a month until family gatherings over the festive season, there's still time for parents to get their 'super-spreader' children vaccinated to help protect elderly relatives over Christmas and before the flu season traditionally reaches its peak.
PARENTS are being urged to vaccinate their "super-spreader" children against flu in time for Christmas to avoid putting grandparents at risk.
The most effective thing to change first would be funeral practices, because they are what the scientists call "super-spreader events." The gatherings drove the initial spread of the disease.
"Working out how many people are likely to be infected by each super-spreader of Hepatitis C, as well as how soon they will be infected, has been a puzzle for over 20 years," he said.
This spark of ingenuity in an R&D lab started Momentive on a journey of scientific innovation that included the first true structural silicone glazing for architectural applications, the first silicone polyethers for textile treatment, laundry softeners and personal care products, and the first hydrolytically stable super-spreader silicones for pesticides.
Misdiagnosis of a case of SARS, particularly in a super-spreader in whom the disease symptoms may differ, could lead to rapid dissemination through the population.
Prof Keith Willett, of NHS England, said: "With less than a month until family gatherings over the festive season, there is still time for parents to get super-spreader children vaccinated."
Measles has an R0 of 12 to 18-each person infected will, on average, pass that on to 12-18 others (although there have been individual reports of "super-spreaders" infecting up to 200 people).
Tana says: "Older teenagers are the super-spreaders. They're at school and parties and spreading it within families, where there are vulnerable elderly relatives.