Super Mom

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A popular term of uncertain origin for a woman who raises children, performs the household duties expected of a ‘housewife’, and has a full-time job
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I could spend time with my children and look like a super mum without having to think about it.
The first time I ventured out of the house, it took about three months to pack all the stuff I might need for the 10-minute walk to the shop, but I managed to get it together and triumphantly walked out of the front door feeling like Super Mum.
SUPER MUM Toya, left, with Michael, slaps her son during the riots
Super mum Irene Bowen with her foster child, and now carer, Patricia; and (left) Irene with husband Matthew.
Amy would have made a super mum and we know her baby girl, our niece, would have been as beautiful as her mum.
SUPER MUM Jessica Ennis-Hill is favourite to claim the BBC sports personality of the year after her stunning effort in Beijing.
But after completing a gruelling 20-mile training run ahead of next month's marathon, the super mum said: "It hurts lots, but I'd run a million of them if it would help to find a cure.
I am truly trying not to be a super mum, just plain old mummy
If either survive then good for her, she'll be super mum.
SUPER mum Sarah Murray has signed up for the Cardiff Half Marathon to help her with her running challenge.