Super Bug

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(1) An organism which, when ingested by macrophages, is either not digested, or is resistant to phagocytosis

Examples Mycobacterium leprae and Leishmania spp reproduce in endocytotic vesicles, and Legionella spp—which inhibit intravesicular phagosomal acidification—turn off the system designed to destroy them
(2) A trival name for an extremophile, an organism—usually bacterial—which survives and thrives in extreme environments, e.g., in highly acid or alkaline settings, temperatures above boiling or below freezing, in deserts, etc.
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We have noticed an initial surplus of patients who never visited hospital before being infected by super bugs," she told the GDN.
Bottom line, if we don't create harmony between all parties, the carbon cycle will be destroyed and super bugs will rule the day.
These students comprehend the danger of stopping antibiotics too early and their personal role in preventing new super bugs.
The money is equivalent to ALL the other compensation claims by super bug sufferers.
500 cases of the super bug, which can kill, were recorded in the State's hospitals last year.
Can i please offer a little practical advice, regarding the so-called super bug MRSA which is now rampant in our hospitals.
THE MRSA super bug is a dreadful thing and must be stamped out.
Hospital super bug MRSA can be reduced by using copper alloys for surfaces on wards, a new study by scientists found.
University scientists looked into methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus, also known as MRSA or hospital super bug.
The MRSA super bug in our hospitals is a scandal considering the billions of pounds pouring into the health service.
Given her brush with death as a result of contracting a super bug in hospital, you'd think she'd want to steer clear of surgery.
Figures released by the HPA in the summer showed that cases of the super bug MRSA had fallen by 10% in a year.