Super Boy

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A nickname for boy born in the late 1990s in Berlin whose mutation of the growth factor myostatin resulted in a 'bulky' appearance at birth, with bulging biceps
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I know Martin well and he's a super boy - he worked with me on my first shows and I wish him well.
He's a brilliant kid, a super boy whose feet are on the ground and I know he'll give everything for Motherwell.
The excitement is mounting as there is one more points show of jumping and equestrianism remaining (S) THE WINNERS : The Cat Burglars Super Dog and Super Boy who impressed the judges to take the Fancy Dress prizes (S) EASY RIDER: Kim Bird clocking jumping section of the club comp g up the points in the etition (S) DRESSED FOR THE PART: Annette Modena and Barclay enjoying the ride JUDGEMENT : The judging takes place in the pink bra fancy dress competition (S) IN THE PINK: Charlie Holmes on Blue Denim wearing her fancy dress pink bra on the charity ride ( S) CHARITY RIDE: Pretty riders in fancy bras (S) FOLLOWERS OF FASHION: Some of the pink bra line up for the Pole Moor Riding Club charity ride
I got a wonderful email from a gentleman who used to exercise good ol' Jim boy when he was at Sue's and he told me about some antics that Jim had got up to, but did say that on the whole Jim had always been a super boy.
He's a super boy and I just want him to know that we all love him and are thinking of him.
He was a super boy, really loveable, great to have around and had an impact on everyone around him.
Kathy Winrow, head teacher of the Ranelagh Church of England School in Sandhurst, said: "He was a super, super boy and he will be desperately missed.